Cruiser Yacht

Project level: Exterior Concept Design

Vessel type: Cruiser Yacht

Sailing area: Inshore

Cabins: 2 (one in the hull)

Guests: 4 (sleeping)

Principal characteristics:

LOA = 14.40 m Lwl = 14.36 m

BOA = 4.20 m Bwl = 3.44 m

D = 3.0 m Displ = 20.44 kgf

T = 1.0 m S = 49.14 m^2

Cb = 0.403 Cp = 0.604

Project Description:

The vessel is intended for inshore leisure activities within a day of autonomy. Power prediction calculations show approximately 250 kW power for a speed of 15 knots is needed, these are very preliminary calculations and may vary.



Concepet sketch of the cruiser yacht

First Concept sketch

Perspective view

Bow and stern views with sections buttocks and waterlines