Electric Kayak

Project level: Concept Design

Vessel type: Electric Kayak

Sailing area: Inshore

Principal characteristics:

LOA = 3.00 m

BOA = 0.60 m

T = 0.20 m

Project Description:

The electric kayak is specifically designed to operate in very shallow waters. This feature allows it to navigate areas where traditional kayaks or larger boats may struggle to venture. The kayak's shallow draft enables exploration of water bodies with limited depth.

The concept design incorporates an electric propulsion system, which offers the advantage of easy and quiet operation. The mentioned range specifications indicate that the kayak can cruise for approximately 3.0 hours at a standard cruising speed. Additionally, it can operate on an extreme mode for about 0.30 hours, likely providing higher speed or more power but with reduced range.

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Electric kayak - Bowview
Electric kayak - Cockpit view

Electric Kayak, profile view - Concept 3D model

Plan view