Concept Design Phases

Refine your ideas

We can improve and develop your initial concepts to make them more polished, effective, and practical. It involves critically evaluating your ideas and making necessary changes or adjustments to make them more suitable for your intended purpose.

Concept Profile Sketches

Concept sketch of a river boat

Concept Profile sketches are quick, simple drawings that We use to visualize and explore new design ideas. These sketches allow us to bring designs to life in a visually compelling way, and to view the watercraft from different angles. 

They are an important tool for helping us to refine our ideas and determine the next steps in the design process.

General Arrangement drawings

General arrangment of a river boat

We also develop the general arrangement based on client guidance and needs. We create detailed and accurate General Arrangement drawings that showcase the layout of the watercraft and its various compartment.

Together with the profile sketches, the General Arrangement drawings help us to fully visualize the design and make informed decisions about key aspects such as the placement of equipment and the layout of interior spaces.

Input info:

Providing us with information like sketches, images, and videos increases the final results tremendously.