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Hull Shape Design Tool

     The art and science of designing boats and ships to perform missions and to meet the requirements laid down by the prospective owners and operators.

Hull Shape Design

Get a custom hull design.

Choose from four different hull shapes and receive a 3D file, lines plan, and hydrostatic report of your selected design. Simply select your preferred hull shape, fill out the form, and submit. Our team will review your request and will contact you if needed. You will receive an invoice for the service. A day after the payment, you'll get a download link with all necessary files, including one free revision if needed. 

Collaboration on further design work is also available upon request. 

The cost for this service is a fixed price of $29.95, regardless of the size of the hull.

NOTE: Available 3D file formats: 3dm, obj, fbx, dxf, STEP, IGES. Contact me for other file formats.

Sailboat Hull

Planing Hull

Coming in March

RIB Hull

Cooming in April

Ship Hull

Cooming in May