Rendering & Animation

Present your design

We can create visual representations of your design, such as drawings and layout plans, 3D models, or VR & AR models. Presenting your design shares your vision, gathers feedback, gains approval, and aligns stakeholders.


Renders are an essential tool in ship design as they provide designers and stakeholders with a clear and realistic view of the ship's final appearance before it is actually built.


Animations are a useful tool in ship design as they provide a more detailed and realistic view of the ship's functionality and performance. They can be used to simulate various scenarios, such as how the ship responds to waves and weather conditions, or how its propulsion system operates.

VR & AR Models 

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) models are digital representations of real-world objects or environments that can be experienced using specialized software and hardware.

Interactive 3D model

An interactive 3D model is a digital representation of the ship that allows the user to interact with it in real-time through without the need for special software. The interactive 3D model enables the user to manipulate the object, zoom in and out, view it from different angles, and engage with it in various ways. Different features can be added to the models such as:

One of the key benefits of interactive 3D models is that they enable users to explore and interact with complex objects in a way that is not possible with traditional renders or videos.

Input info: